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God Consciousness

By Ps. Mei Chin
01 Feb 2013

Hebrews 1-7 ...
Hebrews 8:1-2
Now the main point of what we are saying is this: We do have such a high priest, who sat down at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven, and who serves in the sanctuary, the true tabernacle set up by the Lord, not by a mere human being.

The Ingredients For The Finishing Generation

By Ps. Joseph
27 Jan 2013

Wisdom is the translation of the mind & perspective of God on all issues of life to what is to be done here on earth, making the invisible things of the Spirit visible.

Knowledge is the truth, facts and information needed to be accurate in the implementation & application of what we know. It is to know the Son of God.

Skill is the ability to carry out our assignment on earth so that we are considered a faithful steward & servant which is to be developed in order to enhance the basic call on earth in our life.

What We Speak Is Either Life Or Death

By Ps. Joseph
25 Jan 2013

Watch out for
1. Defensive Talk
2. Oppressive Talk
3. Critical Talk
4. Overpowering Talk

But speak the Word of God. Speak life.

God has Given us

By Ps. Joseph
25 Jan 2013

1. His Word
2. The Church
3. The Holy Spirit
Empowering us to live the life of Christ

God Is Raising

By Ps. Joseph
20 Jan 2013

1. a company of Breakthrough Believers
2. The Finishing Generation

How Do I Know God's Given Destiny

By Ps. Joseph
20 Jan 2013

1. Settle the issue that we are God's chosen/sovereign choice
2. We have to receive a personal revelation

Prophetic Word To Evangel In A Position Of Stature

By Ps. Joseph
13 Jan 2013

- God will download increase of knowledge
- God will release skills & literature
- God will release & increase wisdom

Word & The Spirit

By Ps. Mei Chin
11 Jan 2013

God is going to raise up intecessors by raising one company of people who will multiply. How? By His Word And By His Spirit being upon us (Isaiah 59 - 60).


By Ps. Joseph
11 Jan 2013

Prayer is the untapped resources that the Church has to get into. Everything we need is in the spirit. We just need to be in the spirit and bring it down onto the ground.

Prophetic Word For The Next 26 Months

By Ps. Jonathan David
10 Jan 2013

1. Ignite Passion
2. Love His Presence
3. Pursue His will
4. Uphold God''s Word as absolute authority
5. Hold on to the prophetic & Proceeding Word
6. Love and serve His people
7. Explore new possibilites')